Welcome to Phoenix Assisted Care
Our Experience
We are a privately owned and family run business.
Our owner/managers have managed Long Term Care organizations for more than 20 years and take a personal involvement in the day-to-day operations..

Our interdisciplinary care term comprises:
  • an Administrator
  • experienced nursing staff
  • a Resident Care Coordinator
  • an Activity Coordinator
  • a Dietary Manager
  • the residents' physician
  • the residents' direct care staff

This experienced team formulates a personalized plan, with your input, to address each resident's needs and concerns.

Our goal is to promote greater functioning and improve each residents' quality of life.

In short - Phoenix Assisted Care is dedicated to its residents - it shows when you walk in the front door.

Look carefully at the decorations in the hallways; that same attention to detail exists throughout every part of our organization. Please remember this when you compare us with others. 

We care - it shows in every part of Phoenix Assisted Care.