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Our Philosophy


The philosophy of The Garden Memory Care Program (“The Garden”) is that an individual’s daily experiences and contributions produce contentment when conducted within a safe environment.  Consequently, each resident in the Garden is involved in activities that he or she prefers and enjoys, thus promoting participation and personal success.  Our goal is to bring contentment to each resident through simple activities such as walking outside, singing favorite songs, and interacting with trained, caring staff.


The Garden, located within Phoenix Assisted Care, is designed specifically for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other related memory disorders to provide security and comfort in a home-like atmosphere. Our program enhances each resident’s abilities, dignity, quality of life, and self-esteem.  Individual life skills are honored and incorporated into the daily routine of the resident to maintain their familiarity and comfort.


Admission and Discharge


Residents are accepted for admission into The Garden based on several factors.  A resident must have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a related dementia from his or her physician to be considered for admission.  If the resident is taking a psychotropic drug, the facility may require a current psychiatric exam to ensure the resident is appropriate for The Garden setting.  The Administrator or Resident Care Coordinator determines, along with the resident’s physician, if the resident is appropriate for admission through a thorough evaluation of the prospective resident.  The facility’s assessment considers four criteria:  cognitive status, behavioral presentation, functional level, and the benefits a resident can receive from admission into the setting of The Garden.


Discharge of a resident from The Garden occurs when a resident’s responsible party or guardian makes a request; if a resident becomes a danger to himself, herself, or others; or, if a resident’s health status progresses to a point that the facility can no longer meet his or her needs, including the need for 24 hour skilled nursing care.


Resident Assessment and Care Planning


The Resident Care Coordinator completes a Resident Assessment prior to admission, with input from caregivers, family members, and the resident’s physician.  The Resident Assessment is updated quarterly or when there is significant change in the resident’s condition.


An Individual Care Plan is reviewed and updated monthly by staff of The Garden.  We welcome ‘family input’ into the Individual Care Plan  In addition, Family Care Plan meetings are held when needed to discuss all issues impacting the resident, including a comprehensive review of the Individual Care Plan.  Discussion includes the resident’s social, spiritual, cognitive, and physical well-being.


Staff and Staff Training


The Resident Care Coordinator is a professional dedicated to supervising, educating and training the staff that work in The Garden. Our staff is trained specifically regarding dementia, the disease process, and how to provide personalized care. The training includes 20 hours of classroom training on Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, plus 6 hours of orientation in The Garden itself.  Ongoing continuing education is provided by the Resident Care Coordinator and by through the utilization of outside community resources invited to educate the staff.  All staff working in The Garden are required to have 12 hours of continuing education credits yearly, with 8 of these hours specific to Alzheimer’s disease.    


Staffing Patterns


Staffing patterns and ratios in The Garden are dependent upon the needs of the resident population.  The Garden is staffed to meet or exceed the North Carolina requirements of one staff person per eight residents during the first and second shifts, and one staff person per ten residents during the third shift.  The staffing may be prorated based on the resident census.  In addition, there will be a Resident Care Coordinator on duty eight hours per day during weekdays.


Outside Activity Areas


Our secure outside area is accessible to residents and family members to enjoy daily.  The setting has a lovely gazebo that invites residents and family to sit and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature surrounding the facility.  Garden planters and bird and squirrel feeders make the environment very pleasing to the senses.


Physical Environment, Feature Design and Safety Services


We have special design features in The Garden that address the complex needs of residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The unit is designed as a secured living area.  Exit doors leading to the main facility and gates leading beyond the secure outside area are magnetically locked.  The doors and gates can be unlocked only by pressing a designated code on an electronic keypad.  (Of course, the doors and gates automatically unlock in case of fire or other emergency.) While The Garden is secured, this does not mean residents cannot go out of the unit.  Rather, it simply means that a resident cannot leave The Garden without supervision.


Residents are monitored for behaviors that may jeopardize their health or quality of life.  For example, the Resident Care Coordinator completes a fall assessment for any resident experiencing a high frequency of falls.  Supportive services are offered, including physical, occupational, speech and psychosocial therapy.  And, residents with behavioral problems or who exhibit aggressive attitudes are referred to an appropriate professional for evaluation.



Programs and Services


The goal of The Garden is to create pleasant days for each resident.  A daily program calendar of activities is geared toward the preferences and needs of each resident.  The Resident Profile and the Individual Care Plan give us insight into the specific preferences of residents.  Also, the Demographic Profile is a quick tool to compile and compare the backgrounds and interests of all residents in The Garden. 


Scheduled activities include multi-sensory experiences, exercise, outings, and group activities.  Daily routines are interspersed with pleasant events such as daily life skills and reminiscence opportunities.  Residents are encouraged to participate in activities in the main facility when appropriate.


The dining experience ensures proper nutrition with delicious meals and healthy snacks.  Finger foods are available for those who wander.  There is a hydration program based on encouraging water and juices throughout the day to minimize illness, infection, and falls.


Family Partnerships


The Garden begins an active partnership with each family with a personalized private meeting prior to moving in.  Family meetings to discuss Individual Care Plans continue on a regularly scheduled basis.  The Garden provides ongoing family support through a variety of services such as support group meetings and family gatherings.


Success Indicators


The Garden builds relationships and serves the resident population with kindness and love.  We embrace the Principle of Service followed by Phoenix Assisted Care:


Encourage Independence

Preserve Dignity

Personalize Services

Enable Freedom of Choice

Foster Individuality

Protect Privacy

Nurture the Spirit

Involve Families and Friends


Further Information


The Administrator and the Office Manager will be delighted to provide you with further information; to answer your questions and to arrange a tour of The Garden.

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